Monday, 23 November 2009

Jennifer Lopez Falls at American Music Awards

J-Lo provided one of the unintentional highlights of the American Music Awards when she fell over on stage in the middle of her dance routine during a high-energy performance of her latest single "Louboutins".

The star otherwise known as Jennifer Lopez landed on her famous behind mid-way through her performance of Louboutins.

The slip-up happened after she climbed up on a human pyramid of semi-naked male dancers. After jumping off a dancer's back, she lost her balance and landed on her derriere. Ever the professional, she recovered her composure immediately and continued the performance to the cheering crowds, but was later filmed looking furious as she exited the auditorium.

It had all started so well, with the singer entering the arena dressed as a prizefighter for a boxing-inspired performance.

Afterwards, her spokesman reassured fans that Lopez had not been injured in the fall. "She's fine, totally fine," he said.

Black Eyed Peas was impressed how she kept the show going. "That shows she's a true entertainer and devoted," he told "She came out of it and still rocked it. It doesn't matter how you fall - just how you get up. She got up."

Here's the full performance (including fall!) on video: